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Happy Birthday to Simon Pegg!


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Happy Birthday 2014

Best wishes on your birthday!
Team Pegg x

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9 Responses to Happy Birthday to Simon Pegg!

  1. Andrea Halliwell

    Happy Birthday, Simon! You mean the world to me and I wish you all the best! Thanks for making my life happy once again. Many happy returns! xoxo

  2. Irrishka

    Dear Simon,

    Your fans from rebellious Ukraine wish you the verrry happy Birthday!

    We hope you’ll live a long life and make a lot of new films for the joy of your fans. :)

    Be happy! :)

  3. arif

    Happy birthday! To the coolest actor ever. I love your acting and i might be the biggest fan of yours.

    Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wish you all the very best from me.
    (@dharif23) arif

  4. Janice Denyer

    Happy Birthday Simon from one ginger to another! Hope you have a great day. I love you lots and wish you all the best for today xxxxxx

  5. Neb

    Hello Mister Pegg,
    I hope your birthday brought you the love and joy family and friends are known for. This is my first write to someone in the entertainment circuit. It actually feels a bit odd. In case I miss the next few years as I tend to be random on such events happy early birthday. Oh, happy late birthday.

    I’m going back to the cooking channel, or possibly, the crime channel. So…enjoy!

    Sincerely a complete stranger,

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