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Happy Birthday to Simon Pegg !!!


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Happy Birthday

Good Friends, Good Health,
Good Luck, Good Cheer,
From day to day and year to year!

Happy Valentine’s Day & A Joyous Birthday, Simon!

Harmony Carrigan - Webmaster of Peggster since 2004

6 Responses to Happy Birthday to Simon Pegg !!!

  1. Andrea Halliwell

    Happy Birthday, Simon! What a fitting day to celebrate your birth and your life, on this day of love! I hope your day is wonderful!
    Andie Halliwell

  2. Jo

    Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Simon, Happy Birthday To You!! Have a great birthday love! May you have many many more years of good times, fun, laughter, smiles and memories with friends and family.

  3. Heather Murray

    Happy Birthday to my wonderfully beautiful favourite actor Simon Pegg! I hope you have a good day!!
    Heather XXXXX

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