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Star Trek Beyond – Gag Reel


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Now on Blu-ray and DVD.

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  1. Ralph Pitt

    I am a long time Trek Fan…
    I met Gene in my high school days, wdid audio for a Gene lecture, was invited to tour with him as his audio tech (my “boss” didn’t think my folks would allow it – but they would have as i learned later) …
    Point here is i got to meet Gene, talk about his Vision and his Intent for Trek..

    BEYOND is a wonderful embracement of Gene’s Legacy!
    The characters from the 3 “new” Trek Films are wonderful.

    i do not tire of the wit and Gene-like writing that you all have managed.
    The Humour is there, The Message, The CREW!

    Thank you for your ability to continue the Mission, To Boldly Go Where No-One has Gone Before!

    There is so much i would like to say however i believe the above gets the point thru rather properly.

    on anther note i have enjoyed your screen presence for a while now…

    do keep it up Lad,

    Your one of the good ones!

    Cheers (from one Brit to another)

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