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Happy Birthday Simon !!!


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Happy moments. Happy thoughts. Happy dreams. Happy feelings. Happy Birthday!

Lots of love from your friends and fans at Peggster. x

Harmony Carrigan - Webmaster of Peggster since 2004

18 Responses to Happy Birthday Simon !!!

  1. Jay Stobie

    Happy birthday Simon! Everyone you know hates me. Even Harmony. Which worries me, because she is so kind that I can’t act as if I’m not the problem. Ask anyone you know who knows me, and they’ll say “Oh… HIM” in a menacing tone. So I turned your birthday message into a reflection on myself, perhaps that’s why I’m not liked? In any case, happy birthday, enjoy yourself, and thank you for Beyond! :)

  2. dolfyn

    Happy Birthday, dearest lovely Simon! I hope your day is joy-filled and overflowing with love (and some cool prezzies). I truly wish for this to be your best year yet, both professionally and personally. Thank you for your wonderful work. I’ll always be your fan-friend. Feel the birthday love. Big hugs, Gen. xoxo

  3. Vanessa

    To a lot of people, 14th of February is Valentine’s Day. To me it’s Peggster Day! :D :D Joyeux Anniversaire ! Have a beautiful day with your family and friends! Wishing you all the best.

  4. Alta Jane Dunst

    It would actually be fun for Simon to ski board down a hill of frosting. In the meantime, the cake is very cool. Happy Birthday!

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