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Mob City – Beautiful

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An epic battle between a determined police chief and a dangerous mobster inflames 1940s Los Angeles in TNT’s Mob City. The New Event Series from The Walking Dead’s Frank Darabont premieres December 4, 2013 only on TNT.

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  1. Tom Clayton, MD

    Simon Pegg is an incredibly talented and I am sure hard working actor, playing the perfect role as Scotty, particularly in Star Trek: Into Darkness. It is hard to find a better film! Every actor was perfectly cast, but like Eleanor Parker in The Sound of Music, if Mr. Pegg had not played Scotty, it might not have been such an astonishing accomplishment overall. Who does not identify with a person who looks like an everyman, yet is a genius (his character) with common sense to boot? He delivered his lines with passion and complete believability. The special effects were wonderful; not overdone and believable, thanks to JJ Abrams’ direction.

    My daughter Stacy is a budding actor/actress (I like the old term) and being analytically oriented (medical doctor), I did not truly realize before just how much effort goes into making superb entertainment. And doctors think they work hard? It may be about the money for investors, but what must be much more rewarding is to be a part of a unique project that one can be proud of.

    I am old enough (61) to remember the initial Star Trek series and I see where Star Trekkies from that era voted this film as the worst one ever. Unfortunately some people are unable to get beyond established beliefs to recognize genius and what newer technology can do in telling stories. Technology alone is nothing; movies must have a good story which can only be told by great actors.

    I cannot wait to see Mr. Pegg in subsequent films, and look forward to seeing his other work!

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