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First look of Simon Pegg in “Kill Me Three Times”


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Kill Me Three Times

Simon Pegg gets his El Mariachi on for his new role, playing a ruthless assassin in Kriv
Stenders’ crime thriller “Kill Me Three Times”. “I personally believe comic actors make the best kind of villain,” said Stenders on why he cast the goofy Brit for the role.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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10 Responses to First look of Simon Pegg in “Kill Me Three Times”

  1. J. Aren Moyers

    Mr. Pegg you are truly an amazingly talented actor. Thank you for sharing your gift with us across the old pond. People of your
    caliber are becoming increasingly difficult to find, not only on the stage and screen, but on the everyday streets. I am really looking forward to seeing this when it is released. Keep up the great work!

  2. Scott C

    You are by far my favorite actor. Your Bromance with Nick Frost is amazing because your on screen chemistry is so natural. One thing that makes me very sad is I can’t find cornettos near me at all. Can’t wait to see the film. All the best

  3. dolfyn

    “Goofy Brit”?! No bloody way! Simon’s an amazing actor to also happens to be a wonderful comedian. And he’s freakin’ cool! <3

  4. jess davies

    I love your work you are very talented guy I can’t wait for the rest of your new films and you & nick are by far my favourite men fantastic comedians you both have brought me hours of enjoyment I own everything you have done from hippies to the star trek 2 So BIGTHUMBSUP :D

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