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Simon Pegg co-writing Star Trek 3?


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It’s true! Simon is currently working on the screenplay for the third Star Trek film with Dark Blue writer, Doug Jung.

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  1. Jim P.

    I am CEO for Cre8tive Differences, a nonprofit Studio for gifted artists. I have developed what is a phenomenal treatment for ST3. This plotline ties many of the events from ST1 and ST2 into both the original series and next generation (to include the past ST films) wonderfully and seamlessly…keeping in mind that we are in a “new timeline” so to speak. While hearing this a lot I’d wager, this is a treatment by industry veterans with accolades and heavily experienced in script writing and production. Since I am the originator of the treatment, I represent it and will be happy to sign any documents you wish allowing your full use of all or part of any treatment or ideas I present you. I do not make fan films and since I don’t own the property, I could never make this in any manner, since it completely involves CBS/paramount ST Properties. It would just sit on a table, which would be a shame.

    Mr. Pegg…I promise you. I would not waste your time with half backed ideas, incomplete Acts or plot, or a ‘garage-band’ kind of hubris. You will find all or part of this treatment very usable and it will satisfy what many of the fans want…a return to the “feel” and momentum of the original series’/films…without compromising the wonderful energy and direction the new films have established. I look forward to telling you more.



  2. Heather Murray

    Oh my God that Gif made me laugh so hard that I couldn’t breath! But I think it’s really good that he’s co-writing it and I think it means that there’s going to be a few more laughs and jokes in it which will be great!!

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