Simon Pegg delivers strong dramatic turn in 2019 Whistler Film Festival opener

Simon Pegg was meant to star in the new indie film Lost Transmissions.

“It was a perfect storm of reasons,” said Pegg over the phone from London recently.

“I get scripts from my agents that say ‘you may or may not like this.’ But this one said ‘read this’.”

Then, something else caught the English actor/writer’s eye.

“I noticed it was directed by Katharine (Katharine O’Brien who also wrote the screenplay). I hadn’t, until that point, been directed in a feature film by a woman, which felt remiss to me and indicative of the way the film industry is. So I was very happy when I read it and really responded to it,” said Pegg. “I thought it was a really moving and interesting story.”

The moviemaking experience worked out well, and Pegg felt right at home working on O’Brien’s production.

“I live in a matriarchy. Everyone in my house is female, even the animals,” said Pegg, whose long list of film credits includes comedy Shaun of the Dead and a handful of titles in the Mission Impossible and Star Wars franchises.

The Lost Transmissions story revolves around Theo (Pegg) and Hannah (Juno Temple) as Hannah tries to help the schizophrenic Theo during a psychotic break.

Off his meds, the manic Theo races through an uneasy and sepia-toned Los Angeles with Hannah and other friends hot on his heels trying to get him to help.


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