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The Herald: “You can’t get complacent and think, ‘I’m better now.'” Simon Pegg on depression, alcohol, Mission: Impossible and becoming an adult

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“You can’t get complacent and think, ‘I’m better now.'” Simon Pegg on depression, alcohol, Mission: Impossible and becoming an adult

SIMON Pegg’s 40th birthday back in 2010 was, the actor recalls, quite a memorable one. He was serenaded while waiting to be hanged. Pegg was filming Burke and Hare in Scotland with the director John Landis at the time.

“I was stood on a gallows with a noose around my neck and John had 300 Scottish ‘peasants’ sing Happy Birthday to me. Which was the most surreal experience.”

At the time, Pegg was on the up professionally. He had spent the previous 10 years parlaying the success of his Channel 4 sitcom Spaced which he created with Jessica Hynes and his love of what would become known as geek culture, into, first, a movie career via Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz and then a Hollywood movie career playing Scotty in the 2009 big screen reboot of Star Trek.



Deadline: Gravitas Acquires ‘Lost Transmissions’

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Gravitas Acquires ‘Lost Transmissions’

Gravitas Ventures has obtained the North American rights to Katharine O’Brien’s directorial debut film, Lost Transmissions, starring Simon Pegg, Juno Temple, and Alexandra Daddario. Based on a true story, the pic premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival and will get a day-and-date release in theaters and on demand March 13. Written by O’Brien, the plot follows Theo Ross (Pegg), a respected Los Angeles music producer and his friend, Hannah (Temple), a shy, aspiring songwriter, who discovers that he has lapsed on his medication for schizophrenia. In an effort to get Theo the help he needs, Hannah and their group of friends, chase him as he outruns his colorful delusions through the glamour and grit of Los Angeles’ music scene. Producers are Filip Jan Rymsza for Royal Road Entertainment, Tory Lenosky for Pulse Films, Al Di for Underlying Tension, and Royal Road’s Olga Kagan. O’Brien served as an executive producer alongside Pulse Films’ Thomas Benski and Brian Levy, Underlying Tension’s Bo An and Alan Li, and Robert Schwartzman. UTA Independent Film Group negotiated the deal with Gravitas on behalf of O’Brien with Tony Piantedosi from Gravitas.



The Guardian: The stars of Spaced reunited: ‘Our show doesn’t feel dated like Friends’

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The stars of Spaced reunited: ‘Our show doesn’t feel dated like Friends’

Two decades on from the cult comedy, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Edgar Wright and Jessica Hynes reminisce about the making of a game-changing classic

I am not in 23 Meteor Street, circa 1999. In fact, I’m in the BFI office in central London at the fag end of 2019. But by God, it’s easy to forget that, sitting opposite Nick Frost, Jessica Hynes and Simon Pegg, as they talk about their seminal sitcom Spaced, and each so jarringly reminiscent of their characters it verges on unnerving. Set on the fictional street in north London, Spaced told the deceptively simple story of two flatmates: aspiring-if-she-could-just-be-arsed writer Daisy Steiner and thwarted comic-book artist Tim Bisley. Accompanying them on their deeply prosaic adventures (a paintball tournament one week, a club night the next), which somehow achieved the heights of mythic glory, were their downstairs neighbour, tortured artist Brian (Mark Heap), his girlfriend Twist (Katy Carmichael), who worked “in fashion”, by which she meant a dry cleaners, Tim’s childhood friend Mike (Frost) and their landlady Marsha (Julia Deakin).



Simon Pegg delivers strong dramatic turn in 2019 Whistler Film Festival opener

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Simon Pegg delivers strong dramatic turn in 2019 Whistler Film Festival opener

Simon Pegg was meant to star in the new indie film Lost Transmissions.

“It was a perfect storm of reasons,” said Pegg over the phone from London recently.

“I get scripts from my agents that say ‘you may or may not like this.’ But this one said ‘read this’.”

Then, something else caught the English actor/writer’s eye.

“I noticed it was directed by Katharine (Katharine O’Brien who also wrote the screenplay). I hadn’t, until that point, been directed in a feature film by a woman, which felt remiss to me and indicative of the way the film industry is. So I was very happy when I read it and really responded to it,” said Pegg. “I thought it was a really moving and interesting story.”

The moviemaking experience worked out well, and Pegg felt right at home working on O’Brien’s production.

“I live in a matriarchy. Everyone in my house is female, even the animals,” said Pegg, whose long list of film credits includes comedy Shaun of the Dead and a handful of titles in the Mission Impossible and Star Wars franchises.

The Lost Transmissions story revolves around Theo (Pegg) and Hannah (Juno Temple) as Hannah tries to help the schizophrenic Theo during a psychotic break.

Off his meds, the manic Theo races through an uneasy and sepia-toned Los Angeles with Hannah and other friends hot on his heels trying to get him to help.



Yahoo: First look at Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s ‘Truth Seekers’

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L-R: Emma D’Arcy (Astrid), Nick Frost (Gus), and Samson Kayo (Elton) in Truth Seekers. (Amazon Studios)

First look at Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s ‘Truth Seekers’

Amazon Studios has announced Malcolm McDowell, Samson Kayo, Emma D’Arcy, Susan Wokoma and Julian Barratt amongst others will be joining Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in new Amazon Original series, Truth Seekers.

The supernatural comedy series which begins filming this week is from Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Miles Ketley’s UK based production company Stolen Picture.

Malcolm McDowell will play Richard, Samson Kayo will play Elton, Emma D’Arcy will play Astrid, Susan Wokoma will play Helen, and Julian Barratt will play Dr. Peter Toynbee. As previously announced, Simon Pegg will star as Dave, and Nick Frost as Gus.


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